Colic Calmer - SleepTight Infant Soother

The SleepTight &reg Infant Soother is a Safe, All Natural Method for Calming Colic and Fussiness in your Baby.

Although some prescribed medications can relieve colic distress, parents are generally reluctant to give drugs to their infants. With good reason. Everything about a newborn baby is so very fragile. If something goes wrong, your baby can't tell you what it is. So the feeling is that drugs pose an unnecessary risk. SleepTight, however, is not medication. It's a safe, easy to use, patented, device inspired by one father's concern for his own colicky infant.

Based On The Same Simple Principle That Relaxes A Baby During Car Rides.

SleepTight is the invention of a father whose firstborn experienced colicky episodes. Like many parents with fussy babies, he observed that his son often fell asleep during car rides. The constant rhythmic motion of the car, combined with the rushing sound of the wind outside, actually lulled his baby to sleep.

Something began to click in his mind. He drew upon his engineering skills to design a device that would simulate the combination of motion and sound experienced in a car traveling at 55 miles per hour. And he made the device so it would work safely on the crib.

SleepTight is made up of two separate units. The first, which simulates the rhythmic motion of a car, weighs only 3 1/2 pounds and mounts easily to the crib springs with nylon bolts. No tools should be necessary for installation. Teachers Against Prohibition

The second unit is the battery powered ( two 9 volt batteries ) sound component which easily attaches to the side of any crib. It simulates the rushing sound of the wind passing by a closed car window. corner bookcase

So SleepTight not only feels like a car ride, it also sounds like one.

It's only necessary to use SleepTight for short durations. And it plugs into any standard outlet, just as a baby's vaporizer and night lamp do. ( See How To Use the SleepTight &reg Infant Soother ) iherb coupon

Because this combination of motion and sound worked so well with his baby, the inventor wanted to share it with other parents of colicky or fussy infants.

But first, he sought to establish the scientific effectiveness of his invention. And what better judge of effectiveness than the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development?

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$79.96 per month (plus S&H)
$79.96 per month for 2 months
 or a single payment of $139.66 plus S&H

Purchase the (units pictured) vibration unit and sound generator that simulates the sound and motion of a car going 55 mph. (SleepTight® lowers crying/colic symptoms in 97% of babies).

The vibration unit is electrical (has on/off switch) and attaches underneath the crib (springs or wood bottom) imparting gentle effective  vibration to the mattress (attachments included for safe installation).

 The sound generator attaches by Velcro to the side railing of the crib (has on/off switch) continuously generates a white noise that simulates the wind sound from a moving car.  It is battery operated by (2) 9-Volt alkaline batteries (first set included) that will last approximately 25-30 hours.

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